Chemical Reactors & Mixers

Reactors are vessels where chemical reactions take place in a precisely controlled and continuously mixed environment. Temperature control is provided by jackets, insulation and heat exchange surfaces like serpentine. Exothermic reactions can create high temperatures and pressures, thus, the equipment must be carefully designed, manufactured and tested in order to guarantee safe operation. Special mixer seals are used to prevent leakage flows and maintain the pressure.

Chemical Vessels

Chemical reactor and mixing tank options include:

  • Capacity: up to 40m3
  • Mixer: Single or Double
  • Pressure: Vacuum, Atmospheric, Pressurized
  • Temperature control: Jacket, Isolation, Serpentine
  • Polishing, Accessories, Nozzle details, Support structure
  • Material: grades of Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Carbon steel

Chemical Mixers

Mixers are composed of actuator, seal, shaft and mixing blades.

Viscosity at operating temperatures, and required velocity gradient are determined by the customer. To satisfy these requirements, mixer type, blade type, number of blades, blade dimensions, required power and rotational speed are selected and calculated by Mes Makina.

Drive unites are selected according to the technical calculations and customer requests. 

Seal selection is done based on the pressure, material toxicity, venting conditions, and customer request.


We offer mechanical design, structural simulation and analysis reporting services to:
– Design a new reactor, mixer tank, or mixer
– Analyze your previously designed project
– Modify an existing project according to your updated needs

Detailed information can be found in Engineering page.