Greenhouse Maintenance Trolley

Design and Manufacturing

Our company is involved in design and manufacturing of greenhouse maintenance platforms as a subgroup of industrial platforms.

Features of Greenhouse Maintenance Trolley:

  • Designed for maintenance and safe replacement of greenhouse plastic covers.
  • Suitable to use on gothic greenhouses with a span of 8/9.6 m.
  • The platform is supported by polyurethane wheels in the gutter.
  • High quality aluminum is used as the manufacturing material.
  • Due to its light structure, it can be easily moved by hand.

Material is aluminum by default, but special material and paint requests are always welcome.

To enhance portability and minimize the assembly effort, bolted connections are utilized in all of our platforms, eliminating the need of welding on-site. This feature makes the platforms safe to be assembled in facilities where highly flammable materials are stored.

Examples from our previous project Nunhems – Antalya: