Filters & Screens


3 fundamental stainless filter elements

Filtration systems, from inside to outside, consist of 3 main parts: cartridge/bag filters, strainer basket (perforated basket), and filter vessel (filter housing).

Mes Makina manufactures stainless perforated baskets and filter vessels, providing complete filtration solutions ready for operation.

Cartridge or Bag filters are selected according to the filtration need, and supplied from industry proven companies such as Eaton GAF. Today, in the industry, the term ‘GAF filter’ is being used as a generic name for bag filters.

Changing filter bags as they saturate with particles is a part of the game. To make this task simple and quick, the lids are designed in a way that they can be opened with disassembling a single bolt.

Outer surface of the filter vessels are polished or sand blasted for an aesthetic finish.


Screens can be separated into two main categories: stationary and rotating screens.

  • Stationary screens: Strainer screens, Wedge Wire screens
  •  Rotating screens: Drum screens, Trommel screens

Screening, drainage, coarse filtration, and separation tasks can be achieved with choosing the right screen type, correct design, and good quality manufacturing.


Rotating screens: 
Trommel Screen – Çatalağzı Thermal Powerplant (sea water coolant intake)
Drum Screen – Ankara Sugar Factory (pulp filtering)

Stationary screens:
Wedge Wire Screen – Ankara Sugar Factory (helical conveyor bottom screen)